Assist-2-Sell Pensacola – Real Estate Discounter

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola is a real estate agency that has been operating in the West Florida panhandle for more than Fifteen years, serving all of the real estate needs of home buyers and sellers. The brokerage firm is fully licensed with experienced agents and brokers to guide each client to a successful outcome.

“Increased awareness of non-traditional business models, like that of Assist-2-Sell, North America’s leading discount real estate company, has spawned a national debate about the differences between traditional real estate companies and discount real estate companies,” says the agency’s James Rember. “People involved in the discussion try to characterize real estate companies as being either traditional or discount.”

It is more accurate, he explains, to place real estate companies into one of three categories: traditional real estate companies that are full service and high commission; full service with discounted commissions, like Assist-2-Sell Pensacola; and limited service and discounted commission companies that offer a menu of limited services, and charge fees based on the services that a client selects.

Assist-2-Sell is often inaccurately lumped in with the third category, ‘Limited Service/ Discounted Commission,'” James Rember. While this type of brokerage firm serves a purpose it is not the type of brokerage firm Assist-2-Sell is. “A key difference between Assist-2-Sell and other discount real estate companies is that Assist-2-Sell is Full Service from beginning to end. We call it Full Service with $avings.” The local Assist-2-Sell Firm, Buyers & Sellers Complete Realty, LLC dba Assist-2-Sell, is a full service brokerage firm for both home buyers and sellers, and we also specialize in selling foreclosures for an array of institutions. Its team of realtors have more than fifty years of combined experience in the Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton and Pace real estate market. Their fully licensed and experienced brokers and agents have the skills to guide each client to a successful outcome.


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