Assist-2-Sell Pensacola – Non-Traditional Real Estate Models

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola has been exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding of clients for more than fifteen years. Each of its agents and brokers are there to focus on every detail of the client’s needs, and provide them with the knowledge and information they need to buy or sell a home in a competitive real estate market.

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola owner James Rember says that the company follows a non-traditional business model, and that companies such as his have sparked a national debate on the differences between traditional real estate companies, and non-traditional or “discount” real estate companies. Those in the debate, he says, tend to pigeonhole real estate companies as being one or the other, but he says that it is more accurate to differentiate by using three categories.

The first of those, he explains, are full service and high commission real estate companies, which are considered traditional. Second are full service, discounted commission companies such as Assist-2-Sell franchises, and the third are limited service, discounted commission companies.

He says that although Assist-2-Sell is a non-traditional real estate company, it is still FULL SERVICE. At Assist-2-Sell they call it FULL SERVICE WITH $AVINGS! What makes the Assist-2-Sell Model non-traditional is the commission structure only. Unlike other non-traditional discount real estate companies who typically offer a menu of services in which the home owner has the option to pick and choose a service level and pay a fee based on what is selected. This type of non-traditional agency might, for example, offer service functions like listing a property but not negotiating an offer. This is not the Assist-2-Sell Model. We are FULL SERVICE WITH $AVINGS!

James Rember says that Assist-2-Sell Pensacola learned early on that sellers might like the idea of paying discounted commissions, but they still require the full service that only a knowledgeable and experienced agency such as his can provide. “Assist-2-Sell franchise offices are full service real estate brokerages staffed by experienced, licensed real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of Realtors, as well as state and local realtor associations.”


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